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MEOW Cat Rescue is temporarily closed to the public
for deep cleaning.        

We will re-open August 18th 26th.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We are still in the process of deep cleaning.
If you need assistance or are interested in adopting, please email us at info@meowcatrescue.org or call us at 425-822-6369.

Are you ready to adopt kittens? Can't wait until Aug 26th?
Come see us at the 2017 Summer Pet Festival,
(hosted by Community Cat Coalition).

Saturday August 19th from 10 am to 3 pm.

Paddywack at Mill Creek Town Center
15407 Main St. #101


We'll be there with kittens available for adoption, as will several other local rescues. There will be vendors and service organizations there as well. If you are interested in adopting from MEOW, please read our adoption policies as they pertain to kittens.

When we re-open we will have a number of kittens at the shelter, tumbling, rough housing, snuggling and anxiously awaiting their forever homes. Please read our adoption policies with respect to kittens.

Had your heart set on a kitten? Perhaps your household and lifestyle are better suited to an adult cat. Our resource article on whether a kitten or an adult cat is a better fit for you may give you new insight.

Kirkland Oktoberfest Celebration 9/22 - 9/24
Attend or Volunteer – or Both!

Mark your calendar for Kirkland Oktoberfest, a three day authentic München-style Oktoberfest Biergarten held at Kirkland’s Marina Park. There will be live German music, traditional foods, games, contests and of course, northwest craft and German import beer. Once again this year, MEOW is delighted to be one of the charity beneficiaries of this event.

This event’s success is due in large part to the volunteers. If you’d like to be part of that success, have some fun, and benefit MEOW as well, sign up to volunteer. There are a wide variety of volunteer shifts, ranging from 2.5 to 4 hours long. You’ll receive a t-shirt and admittance to the event. Make sure you check the “I’m supporting MEOW” box when you register to volunteer, so that we get credit for your shift. Why not get a group of friends or co-workers together and have some fun while benefitting MEOW? Trouble registering to volunteer? Email us at info@meowcatrescue.org and we'll help you get registered.

Volunteer Sign Up                 Learn More & Purchase Tickets

Join us for CAT Running's
4th Annual 5K Fun Run/Walk

to benefit MEOW Cat Rescue
Saturday Oct 14th at 9 am in Marymoor Park, Redmond

Learn More and Register Today! Here's the link.

Fine Wines & Felines 2017
The Great Catsby: Celebrating the Roaring Twenties

A Huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to, volunteered at, or attended our event. Thanks to your efforts and generosity, our preliminary results look fantastic. It appears that we will raise at least $120,000 for the animals of MEOW. A new record!! Thanks again for sharing and saving lives. We hope to see you at next year's event!

Please consider supporting our local businesses who sponsored and donated to the event.

Introducing Steve- MEOW's COW
(Cat of the Week)

Move over Steve McQueen because there’s a new King of Cool. Meet our Steve. He’s handsome. He’s tough yet tender. He’s the man. Period.
Steve has left a life lived on the rough streets of Pierce County and come to MEOW after his caregiver found him with wounds all over his upper half—we believe that someone or something tried to take Steve down (jealous of his charisma, no doubt), but, being the speed demon his moniker implies, he got away and is recovering fully and beautifully.
Steve also happens to give the most wonderful hugs and head bumps, and he has the best voice ever. Like ever. Seriously. So, come meet him—don’t be   intimidated because he doesn’t appear to recognize how truly cool he is and that whole celebrity admiration thing just isn’t his deal—fall in love, and join forces with the King of Cool. You could ask for no better a partner in crime...or cuddling.
Steve is a healthy and happy FIV+ boy.

Former COWs - Happy in Their Forever Homes

Update on Peanut: We are thrilled to let you know that Peanut has found his forever home.

Former COWs Still Waiting for That Special Someone

We are always so happy for the COWs that get adopted, seemingly as a result of getting a little extra exposure. Sometimes though, it just takes a little more. These wonderful kitties would make purrfect companions for some very fortunate human. Read their stories, think about their personalities, and if there is someone in your life who would be the perfect fit for these guys, let them know that they're waiting for him or her at the shelter.

Update on Clive: He is still waiting at the shelter, but he's reunited with a special friend, Daisy. They are very much bonded to each other and will be adopted together.

Update on Penelope: Our sweet Princess Penelope is still waiting for her Prince (or Princess) Charming.

Update on Storm & Tanner: Although we don't really understand it, Storm and Tanner haven't yet found their perfect match. They're keeping each other company but are hoping their new person walks in through the doors and into their lives very soon.


Upcoming Events


You Gave!
Now More than Ever

You gaveBIG!! Thank you so much to everyone who donated and made this campaign a winner for MEOW. At the end of the day, $29,713 was raised for the animals. The next day, we had a few more donors gaveLATE and pushed our total to just over $30,000!! Now more than ever, you showed how much you care and how much we can all do if we work together! 

Thank you so much, from Plum and her kittens, Clive, Daisy, Iris, Quince & Kiwi, the bottle babies and all of the animals at MEOW who will get that second chance, thanks to your donation!

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we asked our adopters and supporters to share a memory or happy ending from MEOW's first twenty years. We are so honored to have played a part in these wonderful stories.
Read Them Here

If you'd like to share your MEOW memory and photo, email us. We'd love to hear from you.

Donate $20 to Celebrate Twenty Years -- your gift saves lives.

2017 20th Anniversary Edition Calendars--The Purrfect Gift!
Yours for $10

Every year we commemorate several of our rescue stories in our 12 month calendar. It's a wonderful way to be reminded that there are indeed happy endings. They make great gifts for cat lovers and those who recognize the critical work that MEOW Cat Rescue is doing each and every day of every year. You may purchase on line with payment through paypal, or call the shelter (425-822-6369), or pick up at the shelter. The calendars are $10 plus $2 for shipping if applicable.

Meet Sweet Pea -- Still Waiting but Keeping Her Spirits High

Sweet Pea was near death when she arrived at MEOW almost two years ago, weighing barely 5 pounds, covered in urine, and clearly in pain. We rushed her to one of our veterinary partners, who determined that Sweet Pea had pyometra (an infected uterus) that had probably been present since she birthed a litter months before. Also, because of a spinal injury (she most likely had been hit by a car in her past), she was incontinent. Her infection was treated, and she was spayed. Since her recovery, she has become our beloved office cat. While we all adore her and she entertains us daily, we would love for her to have her very own home.

Now, the only outward indication of her dire injuries are a tail that hangs low and off to the left, and an adorably crooked smile. She has doubled her weight, and is full of energy. She runs and leaps to great heights to catch her favorite toy, DaBird. She is also a big fan of Bonito flake treats- actually, any treats! She loves people and other cats, and is great with children. She did well with dogs in her previous home. She is social and talkative, and very, very smart. We're pretty sure if she was human she'd be a comedian, perhaps a physical comic like Lucille Ball. She cracks us up every day! 

As a result of the injuries she sustained, Sweet Pea is both urinary and fecal incontinent. She will need to have her bladder expressed 2-3 times each day; but she is cooperative and easy to handle. After each bladder expression she runs off to do something silly, letting you know how happy you've made her.  She does not “use” a litterbox per say, but she “drops” small fecal balls in her bedding or on the floor a couple times a day (which can be picked up easily with a tissue.)  We are looking for an adoptive or long-term foster home that isn’t overwhelmed by these special needs. We are happy to teach someone how to express her bladder.  Sweet Pea is currently on a canned prescription diet and supplement in her food to support her bladder health, and it is recommended she receive semi-regular urinalysis checks.  Although she doesn’t have the litter box habits that most cats have, she doesn't make a mess and would be quite easy to accommodate in a home with people who are willing to take on a little extra work and have a heart and understanding for cats with special needs. 

Sweet Pea has a guardian angel! Because Miss Pea faces a pretty big hurdle in finding her forever home, a generous MEOW donor pre-paid her adoption fee in hopes that this would be one less hurdle to Sweet Pea getting her well deserved happy ending. Sweet Pea is currently keeping our staff and volunteers entertained as she resides in our office area.  Please stop by to say hello and request an audience with Miss Sweet Pea. She would love a good play session with Da Bird and any kind of treats you might have to offer her!

Michael's Happy Ending

We are so thrilled to report that Michael is now in a foster to adopt home, where he's adjusting to life as a normal, healthy cat. He still has some residual nerve damage but is doing very well. Thank you to everyone who came to Michael's rescue!

Low Cost Spay or Neuter Surgeries Are Available

Now is the perfect time to spay or neuter your pet, BEFORE they get pregnant. If you've been wanting to do the right thing to help end pet overpopulation but have been unable to because of the expense, we can help.

Browse the list of low cost clinics in the area. There is sure to be one near you.

Vouchers for Free Public Spay/Neuter Surgeries Available through MEOW

Thanks to grant funds received and generous donors, we are continuing to provide needed spay/neuter surgery support to those in our community. Since we received our first grant mid 2010, we have funded over 2400 spay/neuter surgeries. Funds are available for dogs, feral or free-roaming cats, cats belonging to anyone needing financial assistance, and cats who qualify for our Toms & Moms program. While MEOW has often provided monetary support for community members needing financial assistance or those managing feral cat colonies, these additional grant funds help us do more. If you know someone who could use our help, please have them call the shelter (425-822-6369) or email us at spayneuter@meowcatrescue.org.

Top 3 Reasons to Spay and Neuter

  1. It helps to reduce companion animal overpopulation. Most countries have a surplus of companion animals and are forced to euthanize or disregard their great suffering. The surplus is in the millions in the United States. Cats are 45 times as prolific, and dogs 15 times as prolific, as humans. They do not need our help to expand their numbers; they need our help to reduce their numbers until there are good homes for them all.
  2. Sterilization of your cat or dog will increase his/her chance of a longer and healthier life. Altering your canine friend will increase his life an average of 1 to 3 years, felines, 3 to 5 years. Altered animals have a very low to no risk of mammary gland tumors/cancer, prostate cancer, perianal tumors, pyometria, and uterine, ovarian and testicular cancers.
  3. Sterilizing your cat/dog makes him/her a better pet, reducing his/her urge to roam and decreasing the risk of contracting diseases or getting hurt as they roam. Surveys indicate that as many as 85% of dogs hit by cars are unaltered. Intact male cats living outside have been shown to live on average less than two years. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is spread by bites and intact cats fight a great deal more than altered cats.

Donations to help fund our public spay/neuter program.

If you'd like to make a donation which will help others do the right thing and help ease the burdens on shelters during kitten and puppy season, we'd love the support. Thank you for caring and sharing.


MEOW Commemorative Playing Cards
Be Prepared for Winter Game Nights - $10 Each

We're celebrating over 20,000 lives rescued with a deck of playing cards created just for MEOW. Each card face is a different cat or dog loved by a MEOW supporter. (Gorgous Maybach is on the back.) These generous supporters raised over $9,000 in online auctions to get the honor of featuring their pets. The result is a beautiful tribute to the 20,000 lives saved and to each animal who shares the home and hearts of our wonderful volunteers and supporters.

Buy yours today online for $10 plus $2 shipping for each deck. Decks are also available for sale at the shelter.

Here a few samples of the card faces (and special pets).

You have an option of black or red printing on the back.

Print Color on Back of Card

AniMeals Food Drive for Families in Need

We have been hosting our continual food drive for over four years now. We are thrilled to have donated so much pet food for the animals of families in need through Hopelink in Kirkland. Please stop by the shelter with your donation of dry or canned pet food. Sometimes all that is needed to keep a pet in his or her home is a little food and a little help.


Amazon Smile Foundation will donate .5% of your qualified shopping purchases made through smile.amazon.com. Select Mercer Island Eastside Orphans and Waifs (that's our full name) as the recipient and the cats and dogs of MEOW prosper everytime you shop. It works just like amazon.com and your account is the same. It costs nothing and it's a wonderful way to help the cats and dogs of MEOW, each time you shop. On average this program results in a donation of more than $500 each quarter.  Here's the direct link.

MEOW is now a participating shelter in Bissell's Partners for Pets. With Partners for Pets, when you purchase any pet product (at a retailer or on-line at bissell.com), a portion of your purchase will be donated to MEOW Cat Rescue through the BISSELL Pet Foundation. If you purchase on-line, enter the code ADOPT at check out and select MEOW Cat Rescue. If you purchase from a retailer, fill in the purchase information here.

Bissell believes in pet adoption and is committed to helping the animal welfare organizations that serve our nation’s homeless pets through the Partners for Pets program.

Fred Meyer -

Link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to MEOW Cat Rescue by following the link below. Whenever you use your Rewards Card when shopping at Freddy’s, you will be helping MEOW earn a donation from Fred Meyer. At the end of each quarter, Fred Meyer will make a donation to participating nonprofits based on the accumulated spending of the Rewards customers linked to each nonprofit. If you do not have a Rewards Card, you can sign up for one at the Customer Service Desk of any Fred Meyer store. Learn More.

Link Your Rewards Card Now


Register with iGive.com and shop through our portal, www.iGive.com/MEOW.  From 2% - 26% of your purchase price is donated to MEOW by the participating business. There are over 1300 businesses in iGive.com, including pet supply stores, department stores, travel sites, booksellers, office supply stores, ebay, etc. The amount of the donation varies by business.

What is a Forever Home?

Here at MEOW, we are passionate about placing our animals in a home that will be theirs forever; giving them the gift of being safe and loved for the rest of their lives. We know how much it means to the animals to find their forever homes.  Here’s an idea of what it means to the fortunate families who open their hearts and their homes to a rescue animal…forever.

“The first second I laid eyes on my cat, Stella (her name at the shelter was Margaux), from your shelter I fell in love.  She was a beautiful Siamese girl that I was blessed to have found.  I adopted her a little over 12 years ago (she was about 2 and a half at the time, the staff told me).  Her history I was told, was that a very kind woman, who I wish I could now thank (if you know who it is, please let me know), picked her up off the streets as a stray (she was found at a feral food station) and saved her life.  She brought her to your shelter and 4 days later I walked in, looking specifically for an adult cat, and met her.  She went to heaven 3 weeks ago and my heart is broken.  However, Stella was so loved!  I must have kissed her literally 100 times a day and she let me.  She was scared at first and rough around the edges, but she blossomed into the most wonderful girl and was such a gift to me.  She was my main focus the whole time.  I lived only with her throughout the years and it's hard because it was just her and my mom who I'm close with in my life.  I'm not ready to adopt for a while, (I do search daily for shelter pets online) but I just wanted you to know that I was the luckiest girl on the planet for having her.  We had a beautiful connection and someday I can't wait to spend forever with her.  Thanks for doing what you do and know that Stella was loved and cared for deeply.” -Jeanne

MEOW Earns a Top Rated Award for 2016 from Great Nonprofits
We did it! You did it!

Read our reviews and add your own.

Read Our Holiday Newsletter

Several times a year, we pause, take a deep breath, and think about all of the wonderful things that have happened over the last few months. We then put these updates in our newsletter in order to share them with everyone who supports our work and believes in what we do.

Read Other Past Newsletters

If you would like to receive our newsletter in the mail, let us know.

MEOW Cat Rescue License Plate Frames

Get yours today and help spread the good word about MEOW. Buy them online now via paypal.com for just $5 plus $3 shipping (in the U.S.). Or, stop by the shelter and pick one up for $5. For international shipping, please contact the shelter at (425) 822-6369.