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MEOW handles over 1,500 animals each year. Most of these animals spend part of their lives in loving foster homes provided by the community. If you are interested in becoming a foster home for MEOW and are over the age of 18, please read the following information. To apply to become a foster home, please complete and submit our online volunteer application.

Foster Parent Responsibilities

  • Provide safe, clean, warm, indoor housing and care for cat(s) or kitten(s). Foster animals are to be kept INDOORS at all times.
  • Provide clean bedding (blankets, towels, etc.) and toys. Toys can be simple or elaborate, depending on you and your fosters.
  • Provide high-quality food and litter, considered a donation. You may keep receipts for tax purposes.
  • Be responsible for scheduling and honoring appointments at the shelter for vaccinations and other medical treatments, including their spay or neuter appointments.
  • Communicate with MEOW regarding condition of kitties and ANY questions about their care and/or health. MEOW email is monitored daily and may be the quickest way to contact us. You may also call the shelter, however please understand that it may take as much as a day for a return call. Foster homes will be provided emergency MEOW contact numbers.
  • DO NOT incur any veterinary expenses without prior MEOW authorization.
  • While fostering for MEOW, we ask that you DO NOT foster for any other rescue group.
  • Be able and willing to commit a minimum of 2 hours each day to playing with and socializing your foster kittens. This is a very important responsibility and is also one of the most fun aspects of fostering.

MEOW Responsibilities

  • Provide vaccinations, blood tests, treatment for parasites, spay/neuter surgeries and any other necessary medication.
  • Authorize veterinary care when deemed necessary.
  • Provide support and answer questions.
  • Provide emergency contact phone numbers.

Length of Fostering

Foster cats/kittens remain in foster care until they meet the following criteria:

  • They are approximately 10 - 12 weeks old and weigh at about 3 pounds. At this weight and age, they can safely be spayed or neutered prior to being made available for adoption.
  • They are tame, social, healthy and have completed a 10 day quarantine.
  • There is space for them at the shelter. If space is temporarily unavailable, you may be asked to continue to care for your fosters for a time after they are altered. We ask that foster parents be patient, especially during summer and fall months of "kitten season."

The Foster "Room" in Your Home

A kitten-proofed extra bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room are ideal. New animals brought into your home should be isolated from your household pets. Please understand that whenever you expose your own pet to a foster cat or kitten, there is a risk of illness or infection. Wash your hands after handling your foster cat/kittens. If your fosters have a contagious condition, you might also want to wear a long-sleeved shirt while handling the fosters, then take it off prior to having any interaction with your own pets. Your pets should be current on all vaccinations for their own protection. MEOW is not legally allowed to provide medications or treatment for any kitties except those belonging to MEOW.

The Adoption Process

You are our best source of information about your foster(s). Any observations you can provide will help ensure a good placement, and will result in happy kitties and happy adopters. If you would like to adopt your own foster cat/kitten, you must complete an Adoption Application and qualify as an approved adopter. As foster, you will be offered a reduced adoption fee. If someone you know would like to adopt one of your foster kitties, the prospective adopter must go through the routine adoption procedure and pay the normal adoption fee. While we appreciate referrals from our foster homes, please do NOT promise any cat or kitten(s) to anyone. ALL ADOPTIONS MUST BE APPROVED BY A QUALIFIED MEOW ADOPTION COUNSELOR. Cats and kittens should not be "shown" to interested adopters unless and until an approved adoption application is on file at MEOW.

And Finally...

Fostering should be a rewarding experience. Foster homes provide a safe and comfortable place for MEOW cats and kittens to live while preparing for their forever homes. Your loving service to these animals is greatly appreciated.