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Posted on 6/6/2012 by Webmaster

DudleyI adopted Dudley March 24th from Meow and at first he had a little bit of a time adjusting to the new surroundings. Two months later, it is as if Dudley has been a part of the family forever. He and his ‘sister’ Missy get on well even though he does like to torment her a bit.  Dudley is very active and vocal (which I am getting used to) and loves his toys, cardboard scratcher, treats etc. He had one ‘accident’ but since then uses the litterbox without fail. Dudley is very sweet and friendly and LOVES to get pet. He does not like to be picked up or hugged, but over the past few weeks will at times crawl into my lap for a nice nap and petting. I am getting used to the 5am wakeup calls of kisses and head rubbing.. he is very loving and a doll.

I appreciate the call from Meow to help Dudley settle into his new home and he is a treasured part of the family!!




Posted on 5/15/2012 by Webmaster

Dear MEOW,

HarrisonBack in 2000, my parents adopted a Brown Tabby Maine Coon named Harrison (and we kept the name!) from your rescue center as an early 10th birthday gift for me :)  They remember that he was having a hard time getting adopted because he was an older kitten, rather large for his age, and kind of awkward and shy.  When they came to pick him up, he was hiding away at the very top of one of the cat toys.

Ever since they brought him home, he has been a very loving addition to our family.  He has become more confident, sassy, intelligent, and loving as the years have gone by.  Everyone always says what a nice, big, lovable cat Harrison is... and, quite frankly, he still remains one of my best friends :)  He is critical enough to tell me when I'm doing something wrong, and forgiving and loving enough to always be there during my roughest times.  It's like he's always known how I'm feeling and just what to do to comfort me.  Whenever I visit home from college, he is always there waiting for me, sleeping with me in my bed, and laying by my laptop to watch what I'm up to.

On his 12th year of life, he's getting a bit crankier and a little bit hard of hearing, but overall, his health is great, and he's still as active as he has ever been.. and very happy and spoiled, too!

Thank you for all the great work your rescue center has done and for bringing Harrison into my life!



Posted on 5/15/2012 by Webmaster

BooHello –

I’ve been meaning to send a message about Boo, who I adopted at the end of January 2011. 

She had been at Meow over a year, and had been returned twice.  I wasn’t allowed to adopt her outright – but was only able to “foster” her for two weeks.  The day the 2 weeks was up, I knew I wanted to keep her.

She is a perfect cat for me – and she’s settled right in, bit by bit.  She doesn’t like to be held or snuggled, but loves to be petted and has learned that flopping on her back is cute and she’ll be rewarded with petting for it.  She also sleeps with me and has recently decided that sitting in my lap isn’t all that bad.

I discovered that she is allergic to seafood, but after that cleared up, she is a very easy keeper – eats her food, loves her treats (and will remind me if I forget), and uses her litter box.  She has discovered laying in the sun, sitting on the windowsill, and likes to sit at the screen door and stare at the birds outside.

She has an extensive vocabulary and tells me all about her day when I get home. 

In all, she’s proven to be the perfect cat for me.

Thanks for helping me find the perfect pet

Mila and Siva

Posted on 4/26/2012 by Webmaster

Mila and SivaWe want to thank MEOW Cat Rescue and the foster parents for taking such good care of Siva and Mila (AKA Amber and Hazel) before we adopted them in December when they were four months old. Both are eager to be in on any action. Dusting, vacuuming, unloading groceries are all great sources of fun (not to mention actual cat toys with feathers or bells!). Siva is quite the coquette; she loves to cuddle, anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Mila is quite the snuggler too. But Mila prefers to come to you on her terms. You were absolutely right that they are a bonded pair. It’s clear they would be heartbroken without each other. It’s hard to remember what life was like before these delightful, curious, joyful widgets joined our home.

Anne and Su


Posted on 4/26/2012 by Webmaster

MaggieWe adopted Maggie (formerly Midori) from MEOW about 3 weeks ago. She made herself at home really smoothly, investigating every nook, cranny and room pretty quickly. She loves to drop to the floor and roll so you can rub her tummy. My husband built her a tall cat perch with two levels and she found it and climbed it within 5 minutes of bringing it into the house. She likes to talk in short little blips, likes to sit in the window and look outside, and is very fond of playing with a peacock feather, a laser and today she discovered the fun of climbing into a paper bag.

We are so happy that Maggie has come into our lives and thank MEOW for helping us find her.

~Holly and Gordon


Posted on 4/13/2012 by Webmaster


I'm sending y'all an update on that lovely 'plus-sized' kitty I adopted from you a couple months ago. She is acclimating well to our home. Our other cat, Pookie, was a bit skeptical of her at first and now they don't seem to mind each other too much. Rocky our German Shepard is very curious about her and also terrified as well. He wants to play with her, especially since she is a very playful little girl, but Kiki (yes, we did rename her, I think she responds better to it) has made it very clear that she will be having none of his playful antics. They are all such a joy to watch. We even went camping with her already.

We took her to the vet on Halloween. She weighed in at 17.05 lbs so she did lose 7.5 ounces since her last weigh in. The vet put her on an all protein diet, so no dry food and changed her wet food to a low carb wet food by the same brand that y'all gave us. BUT the biggest challenge with her is keeping her away from Pookie's food. My husband built her a cat condo so she could get some exercise going up and down it but she never went higher than the second tier. So that's where we put Pookie's food. Then, we saw her jump nonchalantly from the bed to the top tier!! She has very strong motivation when it comes to food. I think that she has also been eating the dog food, so my husband has to build Rocky a table for his food that Kiki cannot reach.

Here are some pictures of her. Enjoy!

Thank you again,

~Helen and Alvin


Posted on 3/31/2012 by Webmaster

FreddieFreddie Fender (the name affectionately given to him by his foster family, which I quite like and am keeping!!) is doing well in his new home. He sometimes has difficulty, not because of his fan-belt injuries...because he can only take a few steps before he flops over for a belly rub! He had his own room for the first couple days with me, but then I caved and let him out "early" (i.e., basically I completely failed at following the correct new cat introduction plan).  He's getting along "okay" with his housemates (Frankie and Spitz)...though, he's a bit of a 'confused bully' and will chase Frankie and Spitz around until they start hissing at him, then later snuggle up with them on the bed as if saying "Yeah, I know I was just tormenting you, but you don't mind sharing some of your body heat with me, do you???"

Freddie apparently has lived a very exciting life. When he's not busy laying on his back for belly rubs, he is frequently jogging beside me relaying seemingly fascinating stories. I can't say for sure, but based on the sheer enthusiasm and urgency in his voice, I believe one of his adventures went something like this:  "Timmy fell down the well but Lassie was sound asleep!! So I fetched a ladder and put it in the well and single-pawedly saved Timmy!!!!"

He doesn't mind vacuum cleaners, thinks hairdryers are bad, is wildly un-amused by my bird (wait until she learns to yell at him by name!!), quite enjoys the window cat beds, LOVES the kitty water fountain, and seems to be adjusting okay to his new "diet plan". He likes to eat with his paw and is already such a bed hog that Frankie, Spitz and I are left with only a small corner of the bed to sleep on...


Toby and Marley

Posted on 3/16/2012 by Webmaster

It was just over a year ago that I adopted Toby and Marley (AKA Peanut and Chaps) from MEOW and I thought you'd like to know how they're doing. They both have blossomed into sweet, playful, loving cats who provide an endless source of entertainment and joy. When I first got Marley home, his fur was brittle and falling out. He had a few bald patches where he had scratched himself raw, and he was constantly scratching himself all over. At first I thought he might have fleas but it turned out to be a food allergy, and after a few months on TLC and transition to a high-quality grain-free food, the scratching stopped, he filled out, and his coat is now long, luxurious, shiny, and the most beautiful color orange I've ever seem. His his favorite toy is a round ball that has shiny bits all over: he'll entertain himself with that for hours. Like most orange cats, he's rambunctious and mischevious. He loves to ambush his buddy Toby when Toby's coming out of the litter box room. Marley loves being cuddled and if I stop before he's had enough, he'll chase after me for more.

Toby is such a special little cat. He is eternally happy and completely besotted with my 13-year-old Ragdoll cat, Olivia. He follows her everywhere and though she sometimes let's him know she prefers to be left alone, I frequently find them napping together on a perch in the front window. He is very curious and into everything, and a total show-off. He stands on his head, hangs upside down from a tall piece of cat furniture I have in the den, and often just lays down on the floor and plays with his hind feet. He will bring me his little fuzzy toy mouse, drop it at my feet, stare at me until I throw it, then bring it back to do it again. This can go on for 10 or 15 minutes. By far, though, his favorite toy is "Da Bird" feather on a string. He makes leaping catchs in mid-air and will drag that thing all over the house. He rarely ever meows but he purrs most all the time. He doesn't like to he held but he always, always wants to be nearby and will come to me to check in and to get pets every few minutes.

Toby and Marley chase each other round the house several times a day, and they love playing together on the cat tree. Toby has been able to get Olivia to play chase every now and again but mostly she's just content to watch the youngsters burn off all that energy. Marley and Olivia haven't really taken to each other, though the other day I caught him giving her an ear wash so there's still hope.

I'm so very glad that you rescued both these wonderful boys and that I happened to be lucky enough to wander in that day last February to find them both waiting for a good home. They both have blossomed into wonderful cats and I hope it pleases you to know that they have a good life and are truly loved.


Luna and Ravi

Posted on 2/21/2012 by Webmaster

We adopted "Mia" and "Ripple" two days after Christmas 2011 (and now it's mid-February 2012). Their names are now Luna (Roman moon goddess) and Ravi (Hindu sun god) as from the beginning we saw that these critters had a strong presence in our household. Also, we soon realized why they had to be adopted together. The first time that Ravi was closed in a room without Luna, he rose on his hind legs and pounded on the glass French door with his front paws. In reverse, Luna howled. Now they are getting a little more independent and do not have to be together all the time, but are still devoted to each other. They are incredibly loving to and cuddly with us humans and are so kind to our older cat - always friendly but not pushy. Ravi is the best lost sock finder in the world and Luna (who sounds so like a morning dove) makes sure to leave us a toy to have in our bed each night. Both seem to think that they need to help us do laundry and write emails (although we have discouraged the keyboard use.) Thanks to their foster home for socializing them so well.


Posted on 2/21/2012 by Webmaster
Dear MEOW,
In 1998, I came to your organization to adopt a cat. As I tried to choose from among the outgoing tabbies, one of your workers convinced me to take a second look at a young, timid black cat cowering in a dark corner. The moment I touched Abby (formerly Mookie), she started purring loudly and made the decision for me.
Abby grew into a shiny, soft beauty with neverending purrs and a love of playing with toys. Even as a senior cat, she would leap like a kitten to capture a plush mouse and present it to me.She was the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever known. Abby brought many years of joy to my life. She recently passed away at age 15, but will be in my heart forever. 
I am so thankful to MEOW for rescuing Abby and helping her become part of my life. I wish the best to all of you, and to future pet owners.