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Posted on 11/29/2012 by Happy Endings Administrator
Dear MEOW,

Back in April of 2012, almost a year now, we adopted a little grey kitten named Sable. He was shy, but inquisitive, and my fiance knew as soon as he held him that this kitty was the one. He now goes by Parker (Parkour) because he's so playful. Even after day one, I thought he couldn't possibly get more loving, but he did! Every day when I come home he sits himself in my lap and takes a nap. Whenever I walk around he's there talking to me. Our other cat Chiyuu has warmed up to him, she's a sweetie but very sassy. Occasionally I will catch them sleeping together, and they never seem to be far apart. What I love most is his soft fur and funny personality. I tried to put up the Christmas tree last weekend and a crazed cat face kept attacking my hands through the branches as I fluffed it up. Then he'd run down the hall, come back, and sit in the chair as if he were not interested, but that didn't last for long! After that it was lap time. I'm thankful to have such a great little kitty. MEOW was so helpful, and seem to really know what they are doing when they adopt cats out. Thanks guys!

Greyson and Hunter

Posted on 11/29/2012 by Happy Endings Administrator


I just wanted to give you a little update on the two kittens I adopted from Meow Rescue on August 24, 2012, 5 days shy of their 4 month birthday. Hunter and Greyson are doing great. Hunter decided he didn't want to be an all black cat, so he has developed faint gray hair on the back of his hind legs, a dot on his chest and his tummy. He is the lovey one of the two and will come and lay on you, purring and fall sound asleep, whether you want him to be on your chest or stomach or not. Greyson is still gray with white socks and they are both still just so adorable. Greyson is a little more stand off-ish and not so lovey, but can purr up a storm and snuggle when it's his idea. They wrestle around together like 2 brothers would and Hunter is the big brother and sometimes isn't always kind to his little brother. Greyson can hold his own though. They will be celebrating their 6 month birthday tomorrow and Hunter already weighs about 9 lbs. Greyson is about 6 lbs. He will always be smaller as Hunter has some very large paws to grow into. At times , they do get into their bed together, one on top of the other even though it is way too small for them now. They are very happy and contented kitties and I love them dearly. I want to thank MEOW Cat Rescue for being there when I needed the companionship at home and I feel so bad every morning when I leave for work. But they are right there at the front door when they hear my key in the lock. They have been such a joy.  -Bev


Posted on 9/12/2012 by Webmaster


I adopted Tongo approximately two months ago.  I am overjoyed and pleased with my new roommate.  Just for laughs, I call him "Tongo Bongo."  He has adapted to his new home very well and has already gained six ounces.  He is very expressive and loves to talk to me constantly.  He loves to be groomed.  He is extremely social and is not bashful at all when I have company.  Tongo has just recently decided to sit on my lap, which makes me very happy.  Since I am retired, I am able to spend a lot of time with him.  He is a wonderful companion and  he loves to sit at my patio window and be entertained by the daily visits of the neighborhood squirrel and stellar jays who come to eat the peanuts we have left out, not to mention the humming birds and finches and chickadees who also come to visit.  He enjoys playing with his toy mice and, occasionally, I smother a ball made of yarn with catnip.  Tongo first licks all of the goodies off the ball and then playfully bats the ball throughout the house.  There is never a dull moment with Tongo.  He is a joy and I am so happy that I stopped by Meow Rescue that day and discovered him.  Thank you, Meow Rescue, for the wonderful work that you do.  I have recommended your shelter to all of my friends.



Timmy, Tommy and Teddy

Posted on 8/10/2012 by Webmaster

Hello.  In Fall of 2003, my husband and I adopted 3 kittens from your Mercer Island location. They were Timmy, Teddy, and Tommy – littermates.They were brought to MEOW by the people who found the pregnant mother cat in Tacoma.  They kept the mother and 2 of the 5 kittens, and brought the remaining 3 to MEOW for adoption. The kittens lived at your shelter for part of the time, but were fostered by a wonderful couple. A couple times after we had adopted them, I sent letters to their fosters updating them on the cats’ happy lives and letting them know how they were doing. They sent us wonderful kitten pictures that we never would have otherwise had. I have been meaning to send another update.

Timmy, the black and white tuxedo, used to be a man of few words and was not all that talkative. He deferred to others for attention. He has turned into a more confident (but still always polite) cat, and is quite the chatterbox. When really excited, he emits a lot of gravelly-mows and churrs and chirps. He loves to “deliver” things, and frequently brings us socks and other items during the night. He starts in the basement, and carries items all the way upstairs and deposits them on our bed. He sleeps with us or nearby us almost every night. When in the RV, he is the navigator cat, and likes to ride on the console between us and provide direction and guidance.

Teddy (solid grey) is the smallest of the 3 boys. He and Tim are still very close. Ted has had a few health problems over the years but is doing fine at present. He has a high-pitched voice and chirps and churrs a lot. He is the only one that is not as comfortable riding in the RV. He is a cat that cannot get enough heat, and loves to sleep in heated baskets or bask in the sun. Teddy has a beautiful coat that is multiple shades of grey, but his tummy and paws are silvery.

Tommy is solid black. He remains a complicated cat and has a delightful personality. He shadows my husband everywhere and doesn’t really let him out of his sight.  Tom continues to have a howly, Siamese-type voice.  He likes to carry objects around in his mouth almost as much as Timmy does. In recent years, he has become obsessed with playing in and with water. We leave the water in the bathtub permanently dripping so that he can drink out of it and play in it. He is wet much of the time.  Over the years, he has also developed quite an affinity for all things vanilla flavored or scented.

Pico, the small white cat, is their adopted sister. We took her in a year after the boys, after our irresponsible neighbors abandoned her as a kitten. She was not properly socialized by the time we got her, so is quasi-feral.  She just doesn’t trust people. My husband has made tremendous progress with her. Timmy treats her well and Tommy treats her very well. Unfortunately, Teddy is not so sweet to her.

To our boys foster parents: Thank you again for giving our boys such a wonderful start in their lives. They are trusting of people and affectionate, and I’m sure that has much to do with the love you showed them early on.

Be well.

Vicki and Brent


Posted on 7/28/2012 by Webmaster

ArcherHello Meow Cat Rescue!

I wanted to give you an update on the kitten my husband and I adopted a little over a month ago.

I work for Trupanion, and we have an amazing company that lets us bring our pets to work.  After I had Archer (formally known as Thomas) for a month, got him his last booster vaccines, etc. I was able to start bringing him to work with me.  When I first got him, I knew I wanted to be able to bring him into work with me, so we got him started on a harness as soon as possible.  After the first hour, he didn't even care that he was wearing it.  We did our work introduction with coworkers and the dogs that are in the cubicles near by.  The first day he made himself right at home with me at work and in the office.  Attached is a copy of him taking a cat nap after a very full morning of introductions on the first day at work with me.  As you can tell, he feels right at home coming into work with me.

When he gets home we play, and he he wrestles with our other cat Chew Toy.  Sometimes he feels fearless and he'll jump on a high spot to bonsai jump on the dogs to get them excited and want to play.  We've very happy to have him as our newest addition to our furry children and part of our family.  Thank you Meow!

~ Melissa


Posted on 6/20/2012 by Webmaster


NimbusMy husband and I adopted our cat, Nimbus (formerly Cloudy), from MEOW in November 2010. Since we were able to play with with him and get to know his personality before the adoption, we knew he'd be a wonderful addition to our family! He joined a previously-adopted sister named Peanut, who he absolutely adores (she tolerates him)!

We recently moved into a house and he loves all the new space in which he has to play. He particularly enjoys lounging in front of the fireplace on cold, rainy days. Nimbus is very talkative and loves to tell us about his day when we get home from work.

MEOW has been an amazing organization. From day one, we received tips on integrating him into our home when we already had a cat, and I got several follow up emails and surveys to make sure everything was going well. I have recommended MEOW to all my friends looking to adopt a cat.

I've attached a few pictures of Nimbus - the first is shortly after we brought him home and the next two were taken within the last month.

Thank you for everything!

~John and Melissa

Dexter and Zabel

Posted on 6/12/2012 by Webmaster

This email is long in coming, I guess I have just been having too much fun with the cats.  Dexter and Zabel came to live with me in late March, and they were quick to make this house theirs.  The are two of the most loving and playful cats I have ever known, and are the hit of every guest we have over.  Dex is still the evil plotter (I swear I can see him thinking) and Zabel the forgetful, curious cat.  They are a laugh a minute and I am so thankful to have brought them into my home.  Thanks to everyone at MEOW and to the kind couple that allowed me to adopt them, Kathi and Dennis.  I loved these cats instantly and can't wait to see what the do next. 




Posted on 6/12/2012 by Webmaster

BatmanI thought I’d let you know that the cat we adopted about a year ago, Batman, is a source of joy and laughter around our house!  Over the last year, he has settled right in.  One of his favorite tricks, that surprised me to no end the first time he did it, is to jump up at the light switches and turn them on and off!  The first time he did that I thought the power went out.  We soon figured out what he was up to.  It is really hilarious to watch.  He enjoys laying in front of the fire in the evenings while we watch TV, and sleeps at the foot of my bed – he and our other cat have each scoped out their places on the bed.  He loves attention, especially when I am on the computer.  He jumps up and stands right in front of me as I attempt to work.  We cuddle for a bit and then he jumps down and goes to settle down somewhere.  I am especially happy that he seems enjoy being a “two-person” cat – he pays just as much attention to my daughter as he does to me, and she is so happy to have him settle down near her while she does her homework.  He is a real “personality”.

We are really happy he joined us, and if we ever are looking for another cat we will definitely be back!

Denise and Miranda


Posted on 6/12/2012 by Webmaster

RussellWe adopted 13 year old Russell at the end of January, just shy of his 1 year anniversary living at MEOW. We wanted a friend for our 13 year old female calico, Buffy.  She’s shy, but demanding- a bit high maintenance.  His sweet nature and loving disposition were a big draw for us as we thought those attributes would provide the best possible outcome for all of us to live in peace and harmony.

Within 2 weeks, Russell gained access to the entire house and made himself completely at home. He’s keenly inquisitive, very intelligent, and exudes tons of charm.  He loves being around action and people. He shows the right amount of deference and wariness to Buffy, yet doesn’t let her stop him from going where he wants to go. His reaction to her fits of growling and hissing is merely to provide no reaction. Their encounters are such that she will occasionally seek him out!

One can’t mistake his sweet disposition as weak. Russell has a mind of his own and can be highly independent when it suits his needs. He established his routine early on and quickly set about teaching us what to do and when. As well, he is quite a talker and his gravelly, old man voice can often be heard throughout the entire house- usually at 4:0AM. Thanks to MEOW and the addition of Russell, our family is now complete. 

Sandy A.


Posted on 6/6/2012 by Webmaster

GracieI recently adopted "Gracie"...formerly called Amber.  She is an absolute bundle of loving joy!  She is adorable, smart, sweet and soft....and loves to fetch, just like a dog!  Only problem is she loves to snuggle up to my face and neck in the middle of the night, and insists on sleeping on my pillow!  So much for my allergies!  Thank you so much for providing this valuable companion to me!  Gail