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Clancy, Harley, and Jack

Posted on 1/16/2014 by Happy Endings Administrator
My MEOW boys, Clancy, Harley and Jack, are all thriving.  Clancy is well into middle age and is now a confirmed lap cat.  He had all of his teeth removed this past year, and as a result of no longer having a painful mouth, has gained at least two pounds.  It was the best thing I could have done for him - he's clearly a much happier cat now that he's a toothless wonder.
Jack and Harley (aka Bluto and D-Day, aka The Fratboys) continue to keep me on my toes.  They are endlessly creative in the ways they find to keep themselves amused.  Their latest stunt, a couple of nights ago, was to tear open a bag of fingerling potatoes I'd brought home from the store and proceed to distribute potatoes all over the house.  I found potatoes in my bathtub, on top of my washing machine, under the sofa... I'm still not sure I've located all of them.  Lucky for the boys, they are absolutely adorable and therefore incapable of making me angry.  Jack in particular is Mister Personality, and he makes me laugh every single day with his shenanigans.  In all my years as a cat person I've never met a cat so thoroughly interested and involved in everything I do.  Jack is an Engaged Cat; he's a Participating Cat; and he's a Supervising Cat.  From morning (when he actively oversees my shower and helps me brush my teeth) to night (when he helps me open cans of cat food, helps me scoop the litterboxes, and helps me fix - and eat - my own dinner), Jack is right there every minute making sure all of my domestic activities run as smoothly as possible.  I have no idea how I ever managed without him, and neither, I'm sure, does he.  :-)
Here's a picture of Harley and Jack taken during a rare moment of quiet in between all of the wrasslin' and ankle-bitin'.
Best wishes to everyone at MEOW from all of us.



Posted on 12/3/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator

Hi from Luna, (formerly Cashmere),

I thought I let you know how happy Luna is in her new forever home. I adopted Luna about  6 weeks ago.  Luna found a nice place to hide for about a 3 and half days before she started to explore the Condo.  Luna has a big bedroom all to herself but she has a favorite spot on a conformable chair under the dining room table.  Luna has had a vet visit and is very healthy.  She does need to put on about 2 pounds and has taken to eating up storm.  She now loves her dry food over the wet.  She loves to have 2 bowls of water to drink from. I think she just likes playing in the water more that drinking it.  She splashes water everywhere.  Luna also likes to send the kitty litter all over the area where the litter box is, but we don’t care, it sweeps up nicely.  She is very shy when friends or family come to meet her but it doesn’t take long before she warms up the them.  She loves kids. I think that's because they play with her and all her new toys.  In the evening she has taken up running up and down the hallway at top speeds!  She’ll sit on the top of the couch to look out the window and the neighbor cat sitting in his widow.  They are trying to have some kind of conversation.  It’s very funny to watch her watch and talk to him.  She also has found her reflection in the mirrored closet doors and wonders where that other cat is?  If only she know it was her own reflection!   She is just now starting to trust me and will come and lay on the chair or couch next to me when I settle down to watch TV.  She loves music so I keep the radio on while I’m away from home.  I could not be more happier now that Luna has come to live with me.  She has helped me heal from the heart break of the lose of my beloved cat Simba.  Luna will be forever loved my me and my family.

Thank you for being so kind and letting me adopt this wonder kitty cat Luna.


Tully--One Year Later

Posted on 9/27/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator


Hello MEOW!
Jessica & Tully here. Just wanting to let you know that Tully (formerly Duchess) is doing wonderful here in her forever home.  She likes to sit by the window and meow at the birds and the chicken that meanders through the yard. She tells me about her day after I get home from work, and every night she has to be picked up and brought to bed (Even though she doesn’t stay long) just to get some cuddle time. If I forget, then she sits in the living room and meows until I go grab her.  Tully wants you to know that she is very spoiled here, and she has me wrapped around her paw.
Thank you so much for taking such great care of Tully before she came home with me. I hope you know she is a VERY loved cat- my little love bear!
Jessica and Tully


Posted on 9/27/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator


Zita (aka Pepper @ MEOW) became a member of my household in January 2002.  She was a shy, quiet little kitty (born 7/1/2001) when I first brought her home.  I had adopted her to be a playmate to a little kitten I had adopted from a friend.  After a few weeks of hiding wherever she could fit, she finally came out and explored her new home.  She and Kirby (my original kitty) quickly became the best of friends.  She helped him learn good kitty behaviors :-) and they explored together!
I have had Zita for 11.5 years, and she recently turned 12 years old. She is a precious, loving little girl (the name Zita is supposed to mean little girl in Tuscan Italian).  She has adjusted to several new furry roommates in those 11+ years, and taught all of them proper feline behavior - and to respect her as the head of the kitty kingdom!
She loves hanging out near a window - to watch birds, scope out any intruders in the yard, and to bask in the sunshine. She talks to me every morning when I wake up, and never forgets to let me know when it's time to feed her (and the other two kitties).
Thank you MEOW for helping me find this wonderful cat, and to her former foster mom for taking such good care of her until she found her forever home!


Olive and Indigo

Posted on 6/22/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator
Olive and Indigo
We adopted Indigo and Olive from MEOW during spring of 2012 after the loss of our longtime cat companion, KC.  We did not pick out either of our girls really.  Indigo was our first MEOW adoption and she was the cat that the helpers recommended for us.  She was a tiny little black ball of a dragon but she was good with our kids. She came home, curled up in the sink and has been our baby dragon ever since.  She is proof that strays can become fabulous pets.  Olive came home a month or so later.  When we first came back to MEOW for our second cat, there was a sign on her cage that said not available b/c of a health issue but she kept talking to us and telling us she was our girl.  We ended up asking the shelter to let us know after she was cleared by the vet and they did.  She has been talking to us and bossing us around, playful but gentle with our kids and our constant companion ever since.
Strangely, after nearly 20 years in Seattle and thinking we would never move, a few months after the girls came to us, we were presented with the opportunity to move to New England for a new job.  It was a chance we couldn't pass up.  While we knew that we had told MEOW we did not anticipate any major changes in circumstance for our cats, that is what happened.  We couldn't give them up as we had all really attached and for Olive this was her second family.  So we cleared them with our vet, got some calming pet treats for them and some expensive plane tickets and they flew with us and the kids across country in the cabin of the airplane - Olive loudly objecting the whole way.  
Both cats have adapted well to our new home and our new vet has given them a clean bill of health.  She even helped us develop an eating plan for Indigo who tends to eat to fast and then throw up (she was a stray after all and thinks she must eat fast or it will disappear).  The girls have bonded to each other very well while maintaining their own personalities and independence.  They regularly have what we call a "wild rumpus" where they chase each other around the house and play wrestle.  They stalk each other and play leapfrog and then they curl up for a nap and groom each other.  
These two girls have brought such love and fun to our family that we know we did the right thing and we will continue to treasure them all of their lives.  Thank You and Best of luck MEOW!


Posted on 6/20/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator
This is Valentine!
He came to me as Casey at the age of 4 years old. When first adopted, he spent about 8 weeks in a bathroom closet shelf. He proceed to graduate himself over time to a walk- in closet where he spent the next 4-6 weeks. When he finally began to explore his home in the daylight, he was seriously teriffied of everything: the windows, the TV, the radio, and the smallest sounds. He never strayed more than 50 feet from his food bowl. Valentine is now 13! and as you can see, he is honestly the world's best kitty. He is a calm guy that loves as much attention as he can convince you to give him! He will sleep pressed into you or wrapped around your head. He will talk to you through out the day to communicate with you. He runs around and plays like he is still a kitten, perfering to chase and eat any stray bugs he spies. These days his hearing is going a little, so if you startle him out of a nap - you might get an earful of crabbing ;) Valenine loves all company and will ask anyone to rub his tummy. He has even been know to become competive for attention. Awe.
I had no idea this kitty would turn out to be so protective of me, so communicative, so silly, and be the world's wisest pet.
Thank you MEOW for the best pet EVER!
~Tina :)


Posted on 5/4/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator
Hello MEOW!
I adopted Kibo at the end of December. (She was Laurel when she was with you.) She has adjusted so well and pretty much owns the place now! She is still a little skittish when others come here but she warms up to them pretty quickly. My friends laugh because she follows me wherever I go in the apartment! She has gained some weight and is enjoying her new forever home with me. She sleeps with me, sometimes under the covers! She loves to head-butt me, especially in the mornings to wake me up and she’s definitely VERY talkative!
She’s very affectionate and is definitely the “Personal assistant” you had described her as. She helps me with my math homework or anything that may be interfering with her lap time with me. The biggest surprise with her is how she plays. When I swing around the bird feathers, she jumps so high and does back flips to try to catch it! It’s so amazing and funny! .... and I found out that at least this cat doesn’t always land on her feet! I am so thankful to have her and am doing everything to spoil her rotten! She goes into her “toy” box and always makes a big mess....I haven’t figured out how to have her put her toys away though when she’s done! Oh, and by the way, Kibo means HOPE in Japanese.
Blessings, Chris and Kibo



Posted on 4/9/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator

Hello MEOW,

It has been a little over a year since I was adopted and as you can see I have settled in nicely. I am a very loved member of the family. I love to play with all the neat toys, bug my sister Missy, and spend quiet lap time with my owner. I love my treats and the vet says I need to slow down on them which I’m not pleased with that.

I have to say I am a bit spoiled but my owner says that is the way it should be. I wanted to thank MEOW for taking good care of me while I was looking for my forever home. I am very happy and loved.


Dudley (and Cara)

Fox & Fawn

Posted on 4/9/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator

Hi, I just wanted to send an update on my lovely cats Fox and Fawn (rescue names of Taz and Mushu). They are doing great at our house here in Capitol Hill.


Posted on 3/11/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator

Dear MEOW Cat Rescue,

It has been over 4 months since Zizi came home with me and she is doing very well. At first I had some concerns with her behavior as she would frequently move into a defensive posture when approached and would sometimes try to bite me when I attempted to pet her. But over the months Zizi has become a lot more trusting. She is still quite high-strung and still likes to hide under the bed a lot, but I’ve decided that if that’s what she wants to do and it makes her happy it’s just fine. She is expanding her comfort zone too though, and spends more and more time in other parts of the house. For example it took many weeks before she started to tentatively explore the first floor of the house and now she comes downstairs often and likes to look out the windows to the back garden. She loves to be petted and most nights she sleeps peacefully by my side; she likes to snuggle up close.

Here is a note from Zizi herself:

I love it here! There are lots of places to explore and places to hide. Here I am in one of the cat trees – I like to lay in the half tube. Every evening we have Zizi’s Special Playtime! Mom calls me and I come running into my room where first I get brushed which I love (I have not had a hairball since I started getting brushed every day!) and then sometimes we warm up with Grab-The-Sock but usually I just want to play my most favorite game Mouse-Tail. Here is a picture of me with my most favorite camo mouse. Sometimes the other cats want to play too but mom makes them leave the room and shuts the door; she knows I get nervous and can’t play with the others watching. She says it’s my special time because I’m special and I like that.


I have an admirer! The tomcat who lives here brings me mice. But I play hard to get. In this photo he just brought me two mice!

Thanks for taking care of me for so long! I know you took good care of me for a long time before I found my forever home.

Love Zizi