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Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

We adopted Madison about four years ago. I found her on PetFinder one day when I was lonesome for the Miss Kitty that I had just lost a few months before. Of all the Maine Coons on PetFinder I thought Madison was the most beautiful. I remember calling just to hear all about her, but not thinking I would adopt. I was told the best thing to do is come in and meet her. I live in Yakima so decided that I would just see about this kitty named Madison. It was LOVE at first sight. She has since become the queen of our household. Madison RULES. She is gentle, sweet, and just a love. She misses us when we are gone to work, but we sit in the evenings together, and she likes to snuggle with us next to our heads before she finds a comfortable spot on HER blanket at the end of bed. It is a joy to wake up to her lil paw on my cheek. It's as if to say "wake up, it's time to feed and play with me". Needless to say we are so happy to have found Madison and have her in our lives. She is perfect for us and we love her dearly. She adjusted VERY well, and as I already said "SHE RULES". Thank you MEOW for Madison. Enclosed is a picture in the cage when we first picked her up, and then a few of her now. Love, Susan

Neko and Sherman

Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

We just wanted to brag about how great our new kittens are. We are so glad we got them together, because Neko (black and white) follows Sherman's lead everywhere. When we first got them, Neko was very shy and we were afraid it would be a long time before she wanted to be social. But she followed Sherman out from their hiding place on their first day home, and after only 2.5 weeks, she enjoys being petted (when she's not in play mode). Neko and Sherman are great friends and love to play and wrestle together. They are also trying really hard to become friends with our older cats, and I think it's working! Kazi (10 years old) plays more now that they're around, loves chasing the bird toy and the laser with them, and even batted playfully with Neko the other day. We're hoping the kittens might help her lose some weight. They're like personal trainers. Gerald (15 years old) doesn't play with them too much, but doesn't mind hanging out with them in the sun. When she's feeling energetic, she'll run around with the rest of them. I can't wait to see what happens as they start getting along better and better! Sherman is also very social when we have people over--great entertainment for everyone. Thanks so much for all your great work for the kitties! - Terry and John

Patch and Miss Piggy

Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

This is a picture of Patch (formerly known as Stan) adopted in Spring of 2008, and Maria (now Miss Figgy) adopted Dec 17, 2009. They absolutely adore one another! We fostered them both, during Maria’s stay with her siblings, Patch really never showed that much interest in anyone in particular. But once we brought her home, it has been a non-stop love fest. Obviously he was looking for his “xmas Kitten!” Chris Conrad

Pepper and Toshiro

Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

In early November our sweet cat, Rosemary Blue, died in her sleep. She was 19 years old and had been us for 18 years. The house was too quiet without her. I began looking for a pair of kitties to bring home and met several at MEOW late on a Friday. By the time my husband and I arrived on Saturday, the two I wanted him to meet had already been adopted. Then we met Max (now Pepper) and Dash (now Toshiro). Though we'd wanted a girl and a boy, or two girls, these two baby boys won us over. During our visit, I had one kitty curled up in my lap and purring and the other curled right next to me. I didn't even want to put them back in their cage to look at other cats, because there were other people at the shelter looking to adopt and I didn't want them to go home with anyone else! Pepper and Toshiro have been with us for a little over a month. Toshi is a love, purrs if you as much as look at him and wrestles with his brother, as if to say, I ... am going to (kick) ... lick (roll) ... your ears. He's growing fast, into a big, lanky cat. Favorite toys: feather teasers and rattly, sisal mice. Pepper is a little shy but a little love if he knows you. Has a favorite spot on the couch back. He's fascinated by paper bags, the sisal mice and the hummingbirds at the feeder outside our window. I'm so happy we brought both home. They are a great joy. Best regards, Joan and Doug Wolfe


Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

Merry Christmas! This is Pepsi under our tree. She loves it here. We could not have got a better friend. She's certainly found her forever home! She is quite the character. Thank you! Jill & Tom


Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

Just wanted to pass along some pictures of Puma (formerly known as Hector) to you all. The information we received about him was that he is about 5 years old and had been left at the doorstep (literally) at MEOW several months ago. We loved how he was both independent and attentive when we saw him in the shelter. We loved him so much, we even adopted him before we moved so we could make sure no one else could have him!

He has adjusted really well to his new house - he loves running up and down the stairs and even waits for us to start walking up and then "races" us to the top. He always wins! He loves being on his perch and watching the back yard, he chases after spiders and bugs, and especially loves the laser pointer. We get him going in circles and racing around the kitchen island to get it - we let him "capture" it so he thinks he's the expert hunter! We love having him and we thank everyone at MEOW for all your care and attention to him and to us!

Quin and Twitch

Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

I adopted Quin back in July and brought him home to my 4 year-old little calico, Twitch. He’s about 10 months old now and 12 lbs but still such a kitten and walks through the world with very wide eyes. He’s loved his big sister since day one, even though it took her a while to warm up to him. He’s still rambunctious and scares her off at least once a day, but it all ends with them cuddling in bed. He’s a very sweet boy and such a wonderful addition to our household. Thank you so much for introducing us. - Susan


Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

My husband and I found Ray's profile over the internet early this year. I knew right away he was just the kitty for me. I knew Raymond needed a happy ending because trying to eat chewing gum off a sidewalk is no way for a cat to live. Raymond really is a handsome young man, and when I first saw him I was shocked to see just how gentle he was...especially after living the street cat lifestyle. By the end of the day, Raymond was in a crate in our car...and although scared at first he's really found his comfort zone here in our home. He made friends with our first cat Fil Mignon, and has happily embraced our two new cats Midori and Chobin Hood. Ray likes to wrestle with Fil, and he and Chobin are always caught cuddling under the coffee table. We live with 4 cats in total and everyone here is spoiled rotten. Ray and his cat friends didn't have the best starts in life, and they've had their share of pain...but here they'll always have the best we can afford, and all will have a forever home. - Tania and Mike


Posted on 1/16/2010 by Webmaster

ZecaIt was a Sunday morning, me and my boyfriend were having breakfast at PCC. While looking outside we noticed some movement at MEOW window. Two huge white cats were playing. My boyfriend looked at me and he could read my thoughts: I have made my decision. After thinking of adopting a kitty for more than 5 weeks it was about time to take the next step. We were helped by Meow's staff, extremely positive and helpful people who made me feel comfortable with my decision. The shelter is very well organized and clean and the cats seem to be happy.

After looking around, Zeca (formerly known as Bertie) found us. He started playing and rubbing around our legs almost immediately and steal our hearts. After 4 weeks, he’s still recovering from a respiratory infection, a common disease for rescued cats. He’s an adorable baby, loves to play with his lady bug and takes all medication without protest. He’s extremely sociable, follows us around the house and always tries to sleep close to his Dad’s legs. He became my dog’s best friend, she loves to chase him around the house. He loves to show her how fast and agile he can be. Thank you MEOW for bringing Zeca to our lives and for such great work to our community. - Patricia and Boris

Sophie and Tucker

Posted on 1/16/2010 by Webmaster


With business out of the way, let me say that the kitties are a joy. Annoying, attention-demanding, ever-purring balls of energy. We have renamed them Sophie and Tucker (after the singer from the 40s). Thanks for bringing them into our lives! - Devin