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Posted on 1/30/2010 by Webmaster

A little over a year ago, I adopted a kitty from your organization. The experience was so wonderful, and your shelter is so protective and good to our furry friends that I have had a warm spot in my heart for MEOW ever since. I've told all my friends to support you, and to speak to you if they are looking for a permanent companion.

The fuzzy little girl I adopted from your shelter was in foster care most of the time, so you probably won't remember her very well - but without your website, we wouldn't be together. She was trapped in a tree for more than six days while they tried to find her and get her down, and suffered terrible dehydration as well as the winter cold before MEOW took her in. Her foster family called her 'Kat' and nursed her back to health with MEOW's help.

I invited her into my family last January, and we've been terribly happy with one another. Her name now is Amelia (after another female explorer who was very good at going up, and not so much at getting back down again). She is the light of my life, and a friendly, playful companion. Every day when I come home from work, she greets me with kitty songs; every morning when the alarm goes off, she provides her own 'snooze button' by climbing on top of me and singing meows until I give her skritches. She has everything she could ever want, and the best of food and Things to Sleep On.

We're both tremendously happy, and she has an absolutely dedicated Forever Home. Attached are two pictures of my little girl, and my grateful thanks for all that you folks do for these sweet animals. You are the best!


Fras and Buddy

Posted on 1/30/2010 by Webmaster

March 2011 Update

Just an update for Buddy and Fras: They are now 1.5 years old. When we adopted them from MEOW they were 4 months old. They are very active kitties playing, and sleeping a lot of the time. Fras tries to wash her toys while Buddy attacks them. They are joined at the hip as you can tell. It has been a joy to have them in our lives and they are much loved and adored by us. Though they still hide from visitors, Fras comes out to investigate at a distance. Thank you once again for giving them a home with us.

We adopted 2 adorable kitties last Saturday the 9th of Jan 2010 from MEOW Cat Shelter, Sassafras, AKA Fras and Sasquatch, AKA Buddy. After letting our last kitty go last March '09, we (I mostly) decided it was time to have little feet running around again. We have had kitties for the last 25 years and they were our kids, part of our home, part of our life, it was so quiet without those purrs and little kisses.


Though it's been a short time they have given us very calming purrs and lots of energy, as I can't get them to sit still for a picture. We have lots of time and will enjoy their presence forever.

I want to thank the staff and the foster parents for the diligent care and love for these kitties. They are home forever.

Thank-you all,


P & D Shea

Buddy Big

Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

My partner Adam and I adopted Buddy Big on September 2nd and want to share some photos with you and update you on how he is doing. He is such a one-of-a-kind spirit and fabulous addition to our family--we could not be happier. He makes us laugh every day and is always around for a furry cuddle and love bite (we discovered very shortly after we brought him home that he shows affection with gentle nibbles!). His name has gradually morphed to "Biggy" and he responds with a switch of his tail whenever he hears us talking about him.

He wasted no time laying claim to his new home and making a spot for himself on any available lap and in between us in bed at night. Our vet has helped us develop a healthy diet and weight-loss regimen for Biggy and we are proud to announce that he lost 1 pound in September! We are planning to help him drop one pound per month until he gets to his goal weight. He is very frisky and playful and does not let a day slip by without showing his scratching post who is boss, attacking anything that wiggles under a blanket, and playing games of "laser cat" with his papa.

He has a few bad habits that we are trying to gently break him of but it is hard because he is so cute! He begs relentlessly for people food (but we are staying strong!) and is prone to climbing in to the dishwasher to try to lick dirty dishes whenever he hears us open it. He has also been caught many times climbing in to the fridge to see what's for dinner.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos and Biggy sends lots of love nibbles to his old family at MEOW. I am so thankful there are people like you running a place like MEOW to give cats like Biggy a safe space and a chance to find their "forever home". - Andrew

Cliff, Dora and Honey

Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

Hello! This is Rob & Margaret. We wanted to give you an update on the three adoptions we made a month ago on Nov. 9, 2008. First, the kittens are doing wonderfully. Kyle we renamed to Dora, either short for Dora the Explorer, Adorable, or Isadora. Irene is now Honey because she's the color of honey & short for Honeysuckle because she still suckles on her sister occasionally. They came home with a little cold, but are all recovered now and zooming around the house, chasing & wrestling with each other, us, all their toys, and Cliff. They are SOOOO adorably cute and this past month has just been PACKED full of hilarious antics and sweet moments. They have such different personalities, it's really amazing they came from the same litter.

The only downside of course is that they're growing and they won't stay tiny forever. :o( We weighed them yesterday on their 4 mo. birthday and they are at 3 lb. 11 oz. & 4 lb. 3 oz. Dora has grown over a pound & Honey a pound and a half since we got them!

Finally, Cliff...he is just amazing; he has come light-years from when we got him. He still has his moments of being overly frightened when you come up to him--usually only when he's fully awake, and he is almost always nervous close to people--but we've been able to get him to the point where he actually enjoys being petted in his little cat bed, which is his safe spot where he runs to when he's scared. He actually closes his eyes, gets into it, and pushes back while kneading the air a little sometimes. He even allows us to pet him while he's eating without too much trepidation!

We haven't really been able to get him to purr at all, but he certainly isn't afraid to use his voice or wander around the house. He is a loud and constant meower. It isn't too bad at night, but we're getting used to it. We bought a Feliway plug-in to hopefully ease his anxiety a bit. Most other times, even with loud noises & lots of movement around him, he seems perfectly content and will sit there slowly blinking and looking around. Oh, and we've gotten him to PLAY! He LOVES chasing the laser pointer and the dangly-string-attachments-on-a-stick toy! He even forgets himself and runs within a few feet of us before realizing how close he is to a human and scampering back under the table to swat at it again. It's so great to see some of that kitten come out of the poor boy who I'm sure didn't get that experience down in New Orleans when he was growing up.

We're also very happy that he gets along so incredibly well with the kittens. He tolerates it for a short time when they want to sleep with him, they chase each other around a bit at night, and we've even caught him wrestling with Dora a couple times! Only the occasional hiss when one of the kittens inadvertently violates his personal space a little too much.

It was tough sorting through the couple hundred pictures we have, but attached is our best picture of Cliff and a few obligatory cute kitten pictures. Enjoy! :o)

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to adopt Cliff, Dora, and Honey! I sure hope the spots we opened up in your shelter allow more wonderful kitties to find their new families! - Rob & Margaret

Dolly and Oliver

Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

Dolly and I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all the homeless wrinkle dogs. Our mum said we have presents on Christmas day but I do not know what that means. Dolly said she is not sure either as she only came to mum last October. Mum yells at us sometimes when we get too rough in the house, last Saturday we knocked over a candle and broke the glass container, and she said she will not replace it, and that we were a pair of ruffians...bark! bark! Bark! Sometimes I get fed up with Dolly licking me, mum says she is a licking fool. And I know Dolly gets fed up with me sometimes when I want to play and she doesn't. But mum plays and we have fun. We do not like it when mum has guests because they sit on the couch and that is where Dolly and I go … And with the guests there is no room up there for us. I am Oliver Twist and she is Orphan Anne and she is on a diet...Bark! Bark! Bark! I am not … We are very happy in our new home and we have become good buddies as you can see by the photo. Love, Dolly and Oliver


Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

I adopted Doorstop in the summer after he had spent 6 months with a wonderful foster family who named him Dudley. Dudley needed to be fostered because he was getting very stressed at the shelter. Unfortunately for the foster family he didn't always enjoy the company of their other cats and so they reluctantly let me take him.

In his current home Dudley has the place to himself much of the time as I work long hours during the week and this seems to work well though he is always very pleased to see me when I come in and almost always sleeps on my bed at night!

I have owned many cats and have loved them all dearly but Dudley is very very special. I have never had a cat that gets up to so much mischief as this picture shows. He makes me laugh on a daily basis! Thank you,

Ding Ho

Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

I know that maybe you hear a lot of the adoptions that didn't work out, so I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully mine did. A year ago, I adopted a little feral girl from you. I had just put my cat of 13 years to sleep, and I needed just the perfect fit for my very bossy alpha male named B. The volunteers directed me to two females who they said would be a good fit with my cat. One was Honey Bunny, a very terrified little feral tortie who really wanted nothing to do with me. But since she was still young, I figured that I could work with her. So I bundled her up and took her home. I tried to separate the two cats and let them sniff under the bedroom door as directed by everyone. But she shot out a few hours after getting home. B hissed a bit and then they raced around all night like they were old friends.

She was shy and spooked easily at the beginning. She is now named Ding Ho (for the dry cleaners next door - I always say that my cat is the only cat with a business card). As you can see from the photos, she has quite the life - hanging with her big brother and watching to see if that dang bird will ever leave his cage. I was in contact with her wonderful foster mom at the beginning who gave me great advice about how to best handle a feral. It was great to get a little more information about her background (she was picked out of a pile of manure!). Dingy is really happy and the biggest sweetheart. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate her - and you guys for all that you do! Thanks much! - Jen


Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

On January 2, 2009, I came to MEOW in great pain after the recent death of my dog of nine years. I live alone and work full time, so I was interested in adopting an independent adult cat. When Dot (#06F-13RA-584-81) and I were introduced in one of your greeting rooms, something about her gentle purring told me that she and I were ideal for each other. During the first few weeks in her new home, Dot spent a lot of time sleeping under my bed or in some hidden corner. She had been at Meow for six months before I adopted her, so I new it would take her some time to adjust to a new home, a new human, and new rules. I too, needed some time to adjust. As the days past, Dot began to blossom out of her "Private Investigator" shell. She no longer seemed like a "Dot", so I renamed her Lily. It began with her letting me hold her for a few seconds. Pretty soon, Dot was following me from room to room, quietly curling up on the carpet.

As trust began to build between us, Dot began snuggling up to me on the couch, curling up in my lap, and sleeping on my bed at night. Slowly, we healed each other. Now, seven months after her adoption, Lily is a very happy and content feline. When I come home from work -- or anytime I come home-- Lily greets me at the door, meowing, purring, and rubbing. She enjoys being held and often comes when I call her. She is still an independent girl who loves to play -- either with me or by herself -- and we seem to be a perfect fit for each other. - Thank you, Kimberly Stanton and Lily

Jake and Janey

Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

The little mom (in the back) and her giant son (in the front) came to me over Labor Day shortly after my MEOW rescue of over a decade, "Miss Scarlett" made her trip over the rainbow bridge. I am their fourth home, through no fault of their own. They have settled in remarkably well and taken over the condo, including my antique fainting couch, no longer MY reading corner. Their most fitting names evolved - Janey is now "Koukla" which is from the Greek "Koukla Mu" which means "my little doll" and Jake is now "Apollo" for the Ancient Greek God of sunlight (he's very red!) , healing, prophecy and MANLY BEAUTY! The name SO fits this big boy. They have landed in their forever home and are loved, spoiled, animated, active youngsters who love cuddling, all toys, running down the hall and watching the birds from the picture windows in our home. - Roxie


Posted on 1/24/2010 by Webmaster

Five years ago we adopted "Spring", who was then a 15-month muted tortie from your shelter. We remember chuckling over the question on the application "Where will your cat sleep?" Our response was "Whereever she wants". Here's an example of the cushy life Spring, now known as Lucy, now lives.