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Max & Chloe

Posted on 5/2/2016 by Happy Endings Administrator

Max & Chloe

We adopted Max and Chloé (originally Worf & Kira from the DS-9 litter) in December of 2014 when they were about 16 weeks old.  They are the most wonderful kitties and we love them so much!  From day one, they have been affectionate lap cats and are great stress relievers in our home!  Monsieur Max is our “love bug”.  He loves to be held and cuddle up with us on the couch or in bed.  Mademoiselle Chloé is our “sweetie pie”.  She is endlessly curious.  She’ll search behind the printer to find out where the paper is coming from or she’ll look behind the cell phone to see where the voice is coming from.  We love them, they love us and they love each other!

We want to thank MEOW Cat Rescue for everything you do for cats and a special thanks to the foster mom who shaped the early weeks of life for both of our cats.  She did a wonderful job!


The Hoffman Family

Mademoiselle Chloé is on the left and Monsieur Max on the right.

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