2004 - 2017 Tony: Happiness is a Warm Lap

We visited MEOW in June, 2004 to see if there might be a good companion for us.  After assessing our needs/desires, the adoption counselor introduced us to Bobby, who was later renamed Tony by us.  Tony was a large orange tabby, estimated to be five years old at adoption, with what was reported at MEOW to be a low key, affectionate disposition.

After almost thirteen years with Tony, we were heartbroken that he contracted an incurable tumor which affected his breathing, leading us to put him to sleep this past weekend.  Tony was a very loving, handsome cat who could spend almost all of his time on our laps or on the bed with us.  His love for people and attention made Tony a very popular cat with friends and cat-sitters who enjoyed socializing with him too.  

Tony did come to us with an unknown background, and we were alarmed to later learn at least a little about his history.   During a vet visit wherein an x-ray was taken, it was discovered that he had 15-20 BB's lodged under his skin.   To us, this helped explain a few rough patches during Tony's time with us when, while still being affectionate, it was clear that Tony felt nervous and mistrusting of his environment.  We are grateful to have worked through these times and to have established a relationship with a beautiful cat who turned out to be a wonderful companion. 

Our sincere thanks to MEOW for the work that you do and for helping to make our lives more fulfilling with our beloved Tony! 

2015 - First Foster Litter Experience

I remember the day I got the call that they had a litter of kittens for me to foster back in October 2015.  It was my first litter on my own and when I showed up at the shelter, I saw they had a number of litters there including some cute, clean fluffy kittens.  They then pointed to the litter I was to take home...they were dirty, covered in fleas, and scared.  One of the kittens, a long hair grey and white girl, was having issues and wasn't really eating.  They told me to keep an eye on her and told me how they had been pulled out of a dumpster.  I brought them home and all the kittens hid but the little girl just sat there in the bed where I put her and didn't move.  I tried syringe feeding her some and then had to go to an appointment, all the while worrying about how she was doing back home.  I returned home, relieved to find her still alive and once again put in her my lap and tried putting her food in a syringe.  I kept struggling to get the food in the syringe, the kitten just looked at me, bumped the syringe out of the way and started eating the food from the bowl.  A few days later, once she'd had a bath and all the fleas were taken care of, she was like a different kitten.  She became the alpha kitten of the bunch and let nothing hold her back.   This showed me the power that we have as foster parents and the direct impact that we have on the lives of these animals.   We ended up having a foster 'fail' with one of siblings from this litter that we named Kayleigh.  She's such a delight and a reminder that we are making a difference in the lives of these animals.


2016 - Ms. Camille

We adopted Camille from MEOW last May 3rd. We love her dearly and she has proven to be quite the loyal kitty...always at the door waiting for us when we come home and follows us everywhere. Cammi is known as Old Seven Toes at our vets office because she has to go every 2 months to get a pedicure. Her 7th toe could cause her a problem if left unclipped. She is a very good girl at the vets' office and cooperates with them nicely. She has finally decided to not be a picky eater and will eat any cat food now. She has gained weight (finally) after losing weight for many months. Now we have to worry that she might be eating too much! Cammi is no lap kitty, growls a lot (more "Bob" than "Pixie"), never purrs, but we still know we are loved and missed when we leave. Short of getting a Cougar, she has the best cattitude around. We wouldn't trade her for the world. She entertains us constantly. I believe in one of her previous 9 lives, Cammi was a weatherman because the minute it snows, hails, rains, or gets windy, she is glued to the patio doors as though she is hypnotized. The Christmas tree was the highlight of her first year with us. It belonged to her and our other two cats were not allowed near it. I was slapped for trying to put ornaments on it and treated very badly when the time came to take it down. LOL!

Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary and thank you MEOW for all the wonderful work you do and especially for allowing my husband and me to give Cammi a furrever home!

-Gail and Larry

2012 -- SiAm (aka Happy Feet)

We adopted Happy Feet in June of 2012 and re-named him SiAm after the cats in Lady and the Tramp and because he has the personality, energy and trouble making ability of two cats (at LEAST 2).  His first adopted family returned him, and we do think he requires a very accepting home.  He’s friendly, loving and adorable, and wants to be in the center of whatever is happening – houseguests love him.


2015 -- Zorro
Happy 20th Birthday from my best buddy, Zorro.  I adopted him in March of 2015.
Thank you for allowing me to share my home with him.  Zorro is a very loving and lovable cat, and he has brightened my life.  

Zorro and Roberta (Robbie)